Carol grew up in Dayton, Ohio thinking every family had an inventor in it. Her Dad had two of his later models, beautiful to look at and fun to ride in. Antique cars were not on her mind when she graduated from the University of Michigan and left the environs of car-crazed Detroit for Boston where she became a clinical social worker. On a trip back to Ohio a few years ago, Carol began to ask the questions that led her to explore the family mystery:  why had no one heard of John Lambert?  As a social worker Carol was interested in old family relationships and the social environment back then, as well as outstanding individual accomplishments.

Carol traveled from her home in Massachusetts to Ohio, Michigan and Indiana to visit libraries, museums and to conduct interviews with those who knew or studied John Lambert. She traveled twice to Florida to spend a week going through boxes of John’s business and family material. Closer to her home she frequented the National Archives, the Boston Public Library and local library, contacted car museums, automotive history libraries and countless websites.

She now lives in Clinton, Massachusetts, where she practices psychotherapy.